Studio 8
University of Newcastle Studio 8. Located at 109 Merewether St, Merewether, affordable housing.
The project explores the current model of affordable housing and proposed a more desirable form through creating spaces that improve well being and expedite healing. Specifically in response to the clients (Urban Villager) brief, biophilic design strategies are used to enhance a users positive happiness.

Providing an alternative to the common affordable housing scheme that uses connections with nature and spatial arrangement that create a better alternative. Highlighting what certain design strategies could be used for in future developments as the world moves to a more urbanised way of living.

Moments of prospect and refuge or the merge of inside and outside spaces can be utilised in such a way that improves ones health. It is shown that the presence of natural elements, such as raw materials like timber or stone, can improve ones psychological and physical health and is also shown to improve cognitive function when compared to a more typical synthetic environment.

The significance of the project is found in the way it proposes a different style of living and highlights the benefit certain design strategies have on peoples well being.